• Hiring developers and other technical team members can be a complicated process.  Companies face many hurdles even before it comes to choosing a candidate; what is the right technical profile for the job?  Should we look for permanent, temporary or outsourced team members?  How to we meet potential candidates: recruitment agents, meetups, technical conferences?  Then when a potential candidate has been hired, how does a potentially non-technical manager validate their skills, ensure they are a team player, and will not simply dazzle with jargon and deliver nothing.  

    We provide qualified assistance with technical recruitment for team members in junior positions all the way up to C level executive roles.  We can assist in:

    • Defining job specifications
    • Identifying the appropriate recruitement strategy (recommended agents, meetings, conferences, job boards or offshore facilities like Elance)
    • Pre interview candidate assessment and qualification
    • Assisted interviews

    Recruiting successful team members has been key to our success, we speak from experience and know the issues that are involved so we can make the process as simple as possible for your company.

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