• Technical system design has moved a long way from massive up front specifications, waterfall charts and wait-and-see delivery. Today's fluid business environment requires far leaner, user focussed, rapidly delivered system design involving key stakeholders from the beginning; and providing usable software early. We are strong believers in an Agile approach to software delivery with light-weight, user stories as the foundation for the vast majority of our system development. Real users are involved from beginning to end, and all documentation and/or specifications are in plain English to ensure no surprises at any point in the release cycle.
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    Take the Family is an online resource brought to you by parents for parents. Our customers are the best providers of family holidays, breaks and days out. We bring their outstanding offerings to the attention of UK based mums and dads who are looking for great value and inspiration.

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    Kwiziq is a new generation language learning system.  It provides low level language analytics to accurately assess a student's competency within a language and then generates personalised recommendations and lessons to assist them on their language journey.  Focussing on "Test Driven Learning" Kwiziq's technology helps students to learn faster and remember more by supplying regular, low stakes tests and "Kwizzes".

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    Style Sequel

    Style Sequel provides a gateway to some of the most glamorous wardrobes in the world.  A premium fashion resale service it is rapidly establishing its repuation as the place to buy and sell collectible, sold out, second chance style.  Style Sequel can count on a long (but secret) list of well known fashionistas from within the fashion industry as well as celeberity and socialiate circles.

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