• Developing websites, mobile applications and custom business software is what we are passionate about and we take pride in the quality of the work we deliver.  Every person involved in a project has a clear role and responsibility that is on show to both the client and the rest of the team at all times - there is no hot swapping of developers nor arbitrary changes in the team - this means our team take full ownership of their tasks and the quality of the outcome.

    Building on our Agile system design approach our developers start early, delivering usable software quickly so we can build on success rather than wait and see for a massive final deliverable. Software development is inherently organic, and short delivery cycles allow us to respond to changes in requirements that may only become evident when working software is provided. Delivering software early ensures your team (and ours) can "keep the faith"; with tangible, demonstrable progress towards the progress goals.

  • Watch Marvel Logo


    WatchMarvel is the luxury watch review, giving you the latest insight on the best luxury watches in the market. Spottmedia has developed a heavily customised Wordpress site, integrating third party data, affiliate promotion and adserving.

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  • Take The Family Logo


    Take the Family is an online resource brought to you by parents for parents. Our customers are the best providers of family holidays, breaks and days out. We bring their outstanding offerings to the attention of UK based mums and dads who are looking for great value and inspiration.

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  • Kwiziq Logo


    Kwiziq is a new generation language learning system.  It provides low level language analytics to accurately assess a student's competency within a language and then generates personalised recommendations and lessons to assist them on their language journey.  Focussing on "Test Driven Learning" Kwiziq's technology helps students to learn faster and remember more by supplying regular, low stakes tests and "Kwizzes".

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  • Style Sequel Logo

    Style Sequel

    Style Sequel provides a gateway to some of the most glamorous wardrobes in the world.  A premium fashion resale service it is rapidly establishing its repuation as the place to buy and sell collectible, sold out, second chance style.  Style Sequel can count on a long (but secret) list of well known fashionistas from within the fashion industry as well as celeberity and socialiate circles.

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  • Wiredex Logo


    Wiredex is the Global Advertising and Marketing Technology Index.  Built with the knowledge and connections developed through the massively successful Exchangewire.com (also developed by Spottmedia) the team from Exchangewire decided there was the need for a dedicated research tool - for both customers and investors.

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  • SCG London Logo

    SCG London

    SCG is the Strategic Consulting Group. Based in London, their brand consultancy work is international, with a particular focus on Russia, Turkey and other CEE countries. Founded over 20 years ago, SCG works in the retail, real estate, financial, and corporate sectors. Spottmedia delivered a multilingual Wordpress site with heavy customisation to facilitate their specific content requirements.

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  • Exchangewire logo


    Exchangewire.com is one of the most influential Adtech industry blogs in the EMEA, BRIC and APAC. Spottmedia developed and manages a multilingual (and multi local) Wordpress site with heavy customisation to facilitate their specific content requirements.

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