• Consulting is a broad term, we would love to be all things to all people, really we would, but for us consulting simply means using our broad range of skills and practical experience to help your technical team and/or technical projects perform more effectively. In a nutshell we can provide:

    • Spillover resource - short term, on demand technical team members with no recruiter hassle
    • Emergency system repair or optimisation (e.g. Drupal recovery & Wordpress recovery)
    • Technical team and process reviews
    • Technical team training
    • Technical project management
  • Watch Marvel Logo


    WatchMarvel is the luxury watch review, giving you the latest insight on the best luxury watches in the market. Spottmedia has developed a heavily customised Wordpress site, integrating third party data, affiliate promotion and adserving.

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    Take the Family is an online resource brought to you by parents for parents. Our customers are the best providers of family holidays, breaks and days out. We bring their outstanding offerings to the attention of UK based mums and dads who are looking for great value and inspiration.

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