27 November 2013

The Spottify Blog - a homage to smart technology companies and people

To avoid any confusion this is most definitely not a blog endorsed by or otherwise attached to Spotify the outstanding music streaming service.  It's a clever (if I do say so myself) play-on the play-on-words that is our company name and most definitely inline with the general subject of the blog; reflections on the amazing technology and technologists of the day.

Spottmedia is a technology company and we benefit enourmously from many of the amazing develeopments of the last decade.  Whether it be the virtual working enabled by Skype, Git and Elance; the data driven business development made possible by Google Analytics, Crazy Egg and others; or the automation and scalability provided by DevOps tools and cloud hosting; we owe many of the things we take for granted today to pretty recent inventions and in this blog we will draw attention to them both in appreciation of their value and also to help others benefit from them.

We will try to focus on clever tech and practical applications of it, however also processes and techniques we've learned managing the development of technology as well:  people management in distributed teams; tools and automation to speed up build cycles while maintaining quality; and processes to help maintain a dynamic lean mentality even when projects get big.

Please to tweet us, or get in touch with any feedback or thoughts on the blog.  If you would like to discuss any of your development requirements drop us a line any time.